Sleepy Dog Gets Loving Massage From Cat [Video]


dog and catGuess what? It’s Tuesday and I woke up thinking it was already Friday. When this happens, which isn’t often, I just know it’s going to feel like the longest week ever. I came across this video which brightened my day and I wanted to share this sleepy dog with you all too.

The first shocking thing about this cute video is the love between this cute Pug named Toby and his cat friend. It’s one of those pairings that aren’t supposed to happen, but these two ignore that.

The second shocking thing is that these two love each other. You see the cat giving a sleepy dog a massage (doing that kneading things cats do when they find a comfortable spot and purr) and the snoring dog just sleeps away.

In this adorable video uploaded by YouTube user newgirlrh, we see a sweet and tired pug get a loving massage from his cat friend. Who would have thought a cat and dog could be so loving?

Photo credit: screenshot newgirlrh /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License

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