Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica Will Make You Love Sloths Even More


slothI have NO idea what it is about sloths that just make them so irresistible  Maybe it’s because they’re kind of exotic, but maybe it’s just the obvious adorable-overload factor.

Babies of animals are cute and yet when it comes to baby sloths, they just seem to be a step above the rest of the animals in the cute factor. They have tiny heads, big yes, big nose and they look so cuddly and that yawn they do — so cute.

In a video post on YouTube, we’re introduced to the Sloth Santuary of Costa Rica where we meet the “legendary sloth whisperer Judy Arroyo” who cares for the animals.

If you thought sloths were cute before, I can imagine you will be wanting to book a plane trip to Costa Rica shortly after you see this too-cute-to-be-real video.

Photo credit: adapted screenshot VICEjpch /YouTube
Source: ICanHazCheeseBurger

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