Smart Cat Knocks On A Door: Must See Video


Smart Cat Knocks On A Door: Must See VideoThere is no doubt that cats are intelligent creatures. Cats have a distinct reputation for being crafty, clever and cunning. Many say that they are more intelligent than their canine counterparts. I think dogs and cats are both smart- just in different ways. Yet sometimes, I stumble upon a video starring a kitty that is just mind-boggling. This is one such video. It captures the moment when a very smart cat knocks on a door, demanding to be let in.

In fact, this cat has perfected the sound of a human knock. Now, my Django will jump on the back door and Hayley will whine to let me know she’s still out but never has either one of them actually knocked on the door.

This is one smart kitty- watch this amazing video here:

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Image: YouTube

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