Snoring Kitty Caught On Video


mqdefaultMy dog snores. Sometimes, it’s so loud that I have to turn up the volume on the television. But it’s amusing and she has no medical problems; it’s  just a loud, snoozy snore when she cuddles up for a good nap.

Since she does sleep in my bed at night, I’ll often think it’s my husband until I realize the noise is coming from down by our feet. Like my husband though, if I just move her a little bit, she will readjust her sleeping position, which usually does the trick to make it stop.

But I’ve never had a cat that snored. And I’ve had a lot of cats in my life.

The cat in this video is one loud-snoring kitty, and purely unapologetic about it. She’s also a big cuddly bundle of love. I mean, just look at that face.

See her caught in the act… it’s pretty cute and guaranteed to bring you a smile.

Image: YouTube


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