Spoil That Kitty! Cat Loungers For Every Style


Dogs can’t have all the fun. With as many stunning canine beds as I came across this week, I could actually write a whole coffee table book on designer cat beds because holy WOW does your feline friend have some fabulous options when it comes to a place of their own. Shall we?

  • Refined Feline Kitty Bamboo Ball Lounge 1 of 20
    Just fabulous. And available on Overstock.

    Simply fabulous. Available via Overstock.

  • I Call Top Bunk! 2 of 20
    LazyBonezz Bunk Bed

    As a multi-pet (and therefore multi-pet-bed) household, I fully see the value here. Available via Amazon.

  • Canopy Lounger 3 of 20
    It's Not An Eames Ottoman

    I'm obsessed. And the color too. Available from Canopy Studio on Etsy.

  • Kitty PeiPod 4 of 20
  • Curve Wall Mounted Pet Bed 5 of 20

    Akemi Tanaka's wall mounted curve will look awesome with your gallery wall.

  • Cat in a Box 6 of 20

    All good things come in a box. Now thanks to the Geodome kitty does too.

  • Closet Case 7 of 20

    So it's not the most stylish option in the group, but not all of us have room for statues of love for our pets, amIright? This closet lounger gives kitty a hiding spot that's hidden.

  • Hammocks Rule 8 of 20

    Who doesn't want a spot in the sun?! Available on Amazon.

  • No Seriously, Hammocks RULE! 9 of 20

    Not looking to obstruct your view with the Cat Hammock? Try the stunning Bambu Pet Hammock on for size.

  • Molitli Felted Awesome 10 of 20

    How cozy. Via Molitli.

  • Live/Work 11 of 20

    The Precision Persona Cat Eye bed does triple duty. Also easy on the eyes. Available here.

  • Basket Love 12 of 20

    The Luna crocheted cat bed would look so good in a reading corner or resting nook.

  • KatKabin 13 of 20
    Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 10.13.51 AM

    So what if it looks like a cat-shaped oven? The KatKabin will protect your furbaby from the elements when he's locked outside.

  • KittiCraft Calabash 14 of 20

    I could basically decorate my entire living room with goodies from the KittiCraft line, but the hanging Calabash Pod is probably my favorite.

  • Modern Cat House 15 of 20

    Etsy seller ModernMews designed this bad boy, which doubles as a low end table or night stand.

  • Mod Cat Tree 16 of 20

    The Hollywood Franklin Tower ( in the left hand corner of the image, and named for a spot in my hometown of Lalaland) is a stunning and modern way to let your kitty climb without sacrificing your style.

  • Integrated Coffee Table/Cat Hammock 17 of 20

    You know you're a cat person when... (From Koichi Futatsumata Studio)

  • Kitty Cocoon 18 of 20

    What a way to take a cat nap. (Available here.)

  • Zabawa 19 of 20

    The modern cat bed from My Kitty will be a conversation starter for sure.

  • The Ultimate 20 of 20

    Want kitty to have a handmade platform bed that rivals your own? Visit Cedel, they'll hook you up.


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