Super-Cute Caped Kittens Fly In Slow Motion to Dub Step

Super kitty!

YouTube user scottdw put a disclaimer on this video. Is it a disclaimer explaining that kittens don’t actually fly? No, it’s a disclaimer saying that the kitties weren’t hurt at all. (But also, um, kittens don’t fly. Just so you know.)

“The cats were handled with GREAT care,” he writes, explaining that the impression of “flying” has more to do with camera angle. “We decided to keep the shot tight on the cats so that they did not need to be airborne very long. The cats were tossed a few feet into an enormous and ultra soft sheepskin blanket. The cats were treated like royalty. They were fed gourmet cat food and lots of water. We took many breaks where the kittens rested and played in the shade. They were full of energy the entire shoot which lasted a mere one hour. This video was shot six months ago and the cats are alive and in perfect health today. I love cats and would never even consider harming them…so please stop sending me death threats.”

Check out the “flying” super-kitties, below!


You can get the single “KittenAir” on iTunes.

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