Super Cute Video of Dogs Saying I Love You


Valentines Day is in one week. Are you ready? I am going to a beer pairing dinner with my husband and friends, and I’ll give the dogs some special Valentines Day treats. I thought this video was especially perfect for the holiday. It is a compilation of dogs saying “I love you,” and it is totally cute!

Neither of my corgis say I love you quite like this, although Eve makes all sorts of interesting noises at times. Of course the dogs also show their love without speaking. They do so by their big smiles when we come home, the affectionate licks on our hands and kisses on our faces, and cuddling up to us on the sofa. So, they don’t need to talk to us with words, they do in other ways.

The dogs in this video though, now they can talk! Watch it and enjoy!

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