Talk About Dennis The Menace: A Real Life Cat Burglar

Talk About Denis The Menace: A Real Life Cat Burglar via Babble
Denis and his loot

You’ve more than likely taught your children that stealing is wrong. But what about your cat?

Unnecessary, you say. Well, what it might be if you owned Denis, as in Denis the Menace, the real-life cat burglar.

Owner Lesley Newman said she had no idea where the stray items that kept showing up in her yard where coming from, but then she got smart and installed a video camera. That’s when Denis was caught red handed…er, pawed.

The cat bandit, from Bedfordshire, U.K., has stolen more than 100 items in an 18-month period, including the following:

— football

— paintbrushes

— Barbie doll

— several pars of socks

— bike helmet

Newman thinks that Denis looks at the items he steals as prey and she keeps each one in a box just in case owners come to claim anything. Already, she has two boxes filled to the brim.

Watch Denis here, caught on camera, doing what he does best!


Believe it or not, Denis is not the only furry criminal. Click here to read about Dusty, a fellow cat burglar!

Image: YouTube


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