Tearjerker: Blind Dog Rescued By Stray Dog Recovering From Shooting


You just don’t hear wonderful stories like this one every day.

The story starts with Tanner, a golden retriever born blind and with a mild seizure disorder. After a happy puppyhood, his owner sadly passed away. Tanner was stressed by the loss of his owner, which made his seizure disorder get much worse.

Tanner was taken in by the Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue, but after attempting to find an owner for Tanner without success, he was sent back to an animal hospital to await his fate.

Things didn’t look good.

But… something magical happened.

Blair, a run-of-the-mill lab mix, was brought to the same animal hospital after being shot on the streets of Tulsa. The combination of stray and, well, being SHOT left Blair a timid, shy mess of a dog, unable to connect with people and making him another hard-to-adopt case.

Then one day, Blair and Tanner were put in the play yard at the same time.

After barking at Tanner for a moment, something clicked in Blair’s head and he realized Tanner was blind. Suddenly Blair decided that Tanner needed help.

Blair decided to become Tanner’s service dog.

To top it off? Since Blair and Tanner have teamed up, Tanner hasn’t has a single seizure. Really.

Watch the video.

Prepare to weep.

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