Teeny-Weeny Baby Pygmy Hippo Born at Australian Zoo


A baby pygmy hippo has made her debut at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, about a month after she was born.

The hippo was born in a breech delivery, resulting in complications, and she almost didn’t make it. The baby hippo was named Monifa, which is Nigarian for “I am lucky.”

Weighing in at a little over eight pounds at birth, she’s been growing fast, and now weighs almost 15 pounds, reports Australian newspaper The Manly Daily. Adult pygmy hippos, which are native to Nigeria, grow to be about 450-600 pounds–less than a quarter of the weight of a regular hippopotamus.

Pygmy hippos are endangered, and there are only about 3,000 of them in the world, zookeeper Renae Zammit told the newspaper. This one is being hand-raised by two dedicated zookeepers who have moved in to the zoo and switch off 24-hour alternate shifts.

Check out a video of this adorable, ear-wiggling, nuzzling baby, below!

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