The Hambone Award for Weirdest Pet Insurance Claim

Image Credit: VPI Hambone Award

It had to happen, didn’t it?

So named after the dog that got locked in a fridge and ate a holiday ham down to the bone while awaiting rescue, the Hambone Award is designed for the weirdest animal insurance claim filed each year.

This year’s entries include Ginger, the Golden Retriever that had an unfortunate incident with a snapping turtle; Baxter the cat that fell 11 floors and lived, Crispy Bacon the potbellied pig (how much do you love that name?) that overdosed on human drugs, and Major the dog that had a run-in with a rock plus more.

Check out the full list here.

My personal favorite story, though, is the dachshund that took on the muskrat. Enjoy the video below highlighting Nathan’s event.

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