Kitty With The Keenest Sense of Smell (Video)


The Kitty With The Keenest Sense of Smell (Video)If you open a bottle of vitamins and hold it up to my dog, Django, she will raise her lip and her shake her head back and forth as if to say “No.” For Hayley, the Chihuahua, the smell that gets her going is vinegar. A capful of vinegar will elicit a snappy bark and often a growl, yet Hayley cannot resist smelling it… every single time.

When I was younger, I had a quirky gray cat named Storm who, when she smelled something she didn’t like, would open her mouth and keep it opened as if perpetually petrified until she could get the scent out of her olfactory system. The kitty also below also has a severe reaction to a certain smell… one we can all understand.

Click below to see what happens when this kitty encounters a pair of stinky feet!

Image: YouTube


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