The Oscars: Once Again, Animals Get the Snub


Earlier this month, I mentioned that the animals were displeased at having no one nominated for a Grammy Award. Well, bad news folks. Now it’s worse. It’s worse because a lot of the movies nominated have animals in them (or really should to help the plot), and not one animal got nominated for anything!

Think about it. Do you think the horses in Django Unchained didn’t have to work hard to pretend to be 19th century horses? What about Life of Pi? Hello?! There is a sinking ship, and those animals had to swim and act scared. And what thanks do they get? None! Nada! Not even an invite to the show!

I knew the animals were taking this hard, so once I again I interviewed some of them to hear what they thought of the movies that are nominated for Best Picture. Click through the gallery to find out what the animals thought would make the films better, but suffice it to say, they think there is a lot of room for improvement.

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