The Science of Cats And Interesting Facts [Video]


The Science of CatsI know that we all love cats because I don’t believe there’s really anyone who doesn’t love cats. Okay, I bet there are some of you who do exist, but I just can’t fathom someone not loving them as much as I do.

There is so much about cats that are just intriguing. They  have this standoff-ish personality, yet love to cuddle when they want to. They have “9 lives” land on their feet and weird things happen to them when they’re “high” on catnip.

If you’ve ever wondered why cats react to catnip, why they land on their feet, how much they really sleep in a day or why they lift their tail when you’re petting them? This video my AsapSCIENCE on YouTube answers all your questions.

Photo credit: adapted screenshot AsapSCIENCE /YouTube
Source: YouTube

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