This Cat Can Not Handle Being Scratched


Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 5.37.25 PMI love this video so much and so do my kids. Mostly because we have a dog who can’t handle having his butt scratched. He just loses it.  Here – see for yourself.

I enjoy this video because cats are supposed to be somewhat dignified and in control of themselves. This cat loses his damn mind when he gets scratched and it’s adorable. I especially love the noises he makes and how he has to involuntarily start grooming something. Anything. The air even – he has to lick it.

My kids like how he seems to have a special spot – our cat has one, too. Except you can never be sure if when you scratch him there if he’s going to purr and give you a little kiss or unleash a berserker snarl and try to bite your face off.  Then again, my cat is kind of a weirdo.

Enjoy some fluffeh kitteh cuteness.

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