This Cat Seriously Loves Concrete Floors [Video]


catI love myself a good back rub or back scratch. There is nothing worse than having an itch on your back and not being able to reach it. You go to the wall to try to see if rubbing on that will help, you reach with both arms, pull a muscle trying and then try to find something that will reach and get the job done.

This cat, however, seems to have found the perfect solution to an itch that you just can’t reach. I mean, that’s my guess as to what’s going on because otherwise, I think this cat just might be crazy.

A video uploaded by YouTube user jamumii shows a cute and adorable cat who has a crazy love for the concrete floors. You can see his excitement as the door to the porch opens and he unleashes his happy all over the floor.

Photo credit: screenshot jamuomii /YouTube

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