This Dog Driver Is Better Than Me, But Still [Video]


Dog Driver in Brooklyn I don’t drive for many reasons. It’s been a long time since I was the one behind the wheel of a car and while I think I would still be decent, there’s no way I am going to test that out in a busy place like Brooklyn. I’ve never seen a dog driver, well, until now.

This cute Boston Terrier dog named Mac is testing out his driving skills listening to the radio and cruising the streets. He seems confident and knows what he’s doing (yes, it’s likely not real, but it’s still so funny) and it’s a first for me to see a dog driver.

I love a good laugh and glad the person in the passenger seat decided to film his dog driver, I hope that it was done safely. We don’t need anymore crazy drivers on the road!

Photo credit: adapted screenshot Anthony Di Virgilio /YouTube
Source: Gothamist

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