This Dog Gets Ready For His Day Better Than My Kids Do (VIDEO)

This Dog Gets Read For His Day Better Than My Kids Do
Another two dogs who are more cooperative than my kids.


I don’t know about you, but at my house getting the kids up and ready  for the day can be… challenging (swap in your own word if you’d like).  I think I am going to make my kids watch this video so they can see the way a person is supposed to behave in the morning.  At no time does this dog whine, bark or not cooperate.  Another lesson my kids could learn from this video

– the dog knows how to go along with joke!  The dog is not fussing or complaining that his human is “soooooo embarrasing”!  I asked my kids if they would dress up as pets and let me use the pictures for my blog posts.  I think you can guess what the answer was.

Check out Buzzfeed Animal’s commentary on this hi-larious video.

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