This Dog is More Clever and Coordinated than Some People I Know (Video)


Clever and Coordinated DogI am not usually all that impressed by regular, run-of-the-mill dog tricks.  So, when I started to watch this video, I thought, “Yeah, yeah, cute…next.”  Thankfully, I watched a little longer! This dog is a big smarty!  He can double dutch jump rope, he can walk on his hands, he can ride a rocking horse…the list goes on.  He can even ride a skateboard!  And, I don’t just mean like the cool dog I already told you about who can skateboard.  He can do it standing it up!  I don’t think he’s going to the X Games or anything, but still, it’s pretty cool.

Watch below to check out all the tricks Jesse can do!





Featured Image – YouTube

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