This Porcupine Can Speak English


I love Zooniversity’s Teddy Bear the Porcupine  so much that I can’t even stand it. And here’s the thing – he talks. And if you don’t know what a porcupine sounds like, then brace yourself. Seriously, sit down. It’s that cute.

I had to post this video, even though it features the same clip as my last post – because it has subtitles. And when I watched the video again with the subtitles, I was simultaneously thinking two things:

(1) I CAN TOTALLY SPEAK PORCUPINE! I’m off to go chat with whatever adorable woodland creatures I can find in my yard.

And also (2) OH MY GOODNESS THAT PORCUPINE IS SPEAKING ENGLISH AND I CAN UNDERSTAND HIM. Then I was like, how could I not have understood him even without the subtitles? It’s so obvious he’s saying “Yummy yummy! I want this corn.”

See for yourself. It’s amazing.

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