This Sea Lion Is More Relaxed Than You Are


SeaLionChairLast month the staff working the graveyard shift at the Pantai Inn in La Jolla, CA saw something odd on the surveillance cameras. Turns out it was a baby Sea Lion making the trek across the beach to the Inn’s cushy patio chairs.

A guest services agent told La Jolla Light

“We checked the security footage and it came over (from the beach) at about 5:45 a.m. and sort of sat next to the chair for a little bit and then propped itself up on the chair and made itself at home.”

Poor little pup apparently wandered up on to the patio looking for a bite to eat — she was hungry and dehydrated when Sea World rescuers picked her up to bring her back to their nearby Animal Care Complex. Once she’s made a full recovery, she’ll be released back in to the wild.

My favorite part of this video (aside from how friendly the Sea World guy sounds when he talks to the sweet pup) has to be the two dudes casually enjoying their breakfast next to the Sea Lion’s perch.