This Week in Weird Pet News


From abandoned bulldogs to coffins for your kitty, here’s a look at this week’s strangest animal news stories!

Look at those sweet little faces. Instead of bringing their two unwanted kitties to the humane society, someone in Scotland decided to leave them closed up in a cardboard box!

Personally I’d LOVE a suitcase full of puppies, but I’d never zip them up and leave them for dead! Find out what happened when an Ohio man did just that… and the silly mistake that landed him in hot water!

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How much do you think you spend on your pets each year? You may be surprised to find out how much cash this country shells out for their furry friends.

When someone loses a beloved pet in Victoria, British Columbia, this man is there to help!

Airport security cuts means bad news for drug dogs. It breaks my heart to think of these pooches pawing at their pink slips!

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