Tim Burton is Inspired by Dead Pets and Mexicans, But Not in a Creepy Way

What's your "pet project?"

Don’t worry pet fans, Tim Burton isn’t looking to cause any pet deaths.  He is inspired by them.  Burton says that the idea of reversing death in his films is his way of coping with the fact that he can’t do that in real life.  When Burton was a child, his dog died; his new film Frankenweenie is what he referred to as “a very expensive form of therapy.”  

If you want to read more about Tim Burton’s views on dead pets and the Mexican culture,  read “How Mexican Culture, and Dead Pets, Inspire ‘Frankenweenie’ Director Tim Burton.”  For now, you can take a look at this Frankenweenie clip.  But please remember, these are not at-home ideas for reanimating your own pet.  You have to leave that stuff to the professionals.




Comic Con Trailer on Disney Video

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