Like Mother, Like Daughter: Animal Adoration Runs In The Family


My daughter is my twin in many ways. We have the same nose, our hair colour is nearly identical and she certainly inherited my stubborn streak and my matter-of-fact attitude. She ALSO has a fondness for animals that may actually rival my own as a youngster around her age.

Click through to see just how similar our love of animals is… and be prepared for a laugh!


Say hello to a two-year-old me, and a two-year-old Gretchen — both showing some extreme love for our pets. In the first image, my younger self is “hugging” my beloved Doberman Pinscher, while the second photo shows my daughter gave her kitten an enthusiastic “snuggle”.

But don’t worry! I promise both fuzzy friends made it through their semi-traumatic episodes without a scratch — and I bet they came back for more.

Are your kiddos enthusiastic about their pet love?

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