Too Cute! Corgi Puppy vs. Doorstopper (VIDEO)

Too Cute! Corgi Puppy vs. Doorstopper (VIDEO)

Dog owners and puppy owners in particular know that sometimes a dog can become fixated or even intimidated by everyday items. I used to have a huge Rottweiler/Doberman mix who detested when a person would walk down the block holding a garbage bag. Hayley, our Chihuahua has an aversion to vinegar and she will bark incessantly at the slightest whiff of it.

The Corgi puppy in the video below has an adorable hang-up. He fights with the doorstopper.

He just can’t figure out why it would be protruding from the wall and when his owner flicks it, making it move back and forth in a zig zag motion, it infuriates the lil Corgi even more.

The most adorable part of the whole video?

Watching the Corgi puppy’s little legs run back and forth!

Check out the video below:


Image: YouTube


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