Triple Hugs: Three Excited Dogs Welcome Home Their Marine (VIDEO)

Triple Hugs: Three Excited Dogs Welcome Home Their Marine via Babble
Each pup gets -and gives- a big hug!

It’s difficult to pass up watching a military reunion , whether it’s between people or pets. I watched a montage the other day of service men and women surprising their kids at school and during sporting events. I teared up like a baby, but I couldn’t stop watching it.

And whenever there is a new video of a uniformed service person reuniting with his dog, I’m there, on YouTube, captivated with a tissue in hand.

But this one is something I’ve never seen before…. 

It shows a marine who was away for two months, seated in his backyard when not one, but three dogs burst with excitement just at the sight of him.

The unidenitified solider is greeted with amazing love, hugs and kisses from his beloved pups. You might not think that two months is a long time, but they certainly did.

Stunned by his dogs’ reactions, the marine is heard saying, “You didn’t think I was ever coming back.”

Apparently they didn’t. The video has gone viral and has a little over a half million views.

Image: YouTube


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