Two Bunnies Fight Over Apple Core [Video]


bunniesI am a fan of apples, are you? I swear our household goes through one big bag every few days and it’s not unusual to find my kids eating one or two a day. As it turns out, bunnies really seem to love apples too.

I came across a fun video featuring two bunnies named Mary and George. They too seem to have a real love for apples and don’t care if it’s just the core left. They will fight to get it off high places and argue over who gets to eat their new food treasure.

In this awesome video uploaded by YouTube user kaoruterra, we watch two bunnies work to get their owner’s leftover apple core from breakfast out of the bowl on the table and fight over who gets to eat it:

Photo credit: screenshot kaoruterra /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License

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