Video of An Owl Petting a Dog Will Make Your Day


Video of An Owl Petting a Dog Will Make Your DayI have seen some cute videos in my time, but this one is up there on the “oh my goodness that is way too cute to be real” chart… if I kept one.

I will admit I have never really been a big fan of the owl. There are some who just adore this bird and a few years ago there seemed to be a big spike in love for the owl and I saw owl-everything everywhere.

Then, I watched this video of this adorable owl named Louise who is hanging out with her dog-friend Annie. It’s hard not to like the owl a bit more after watching Louise gently pet and poke and whisper to Annie like they are the biggest best friends in the whole world.

Click through to watch this adorable owl pet a dog, it will make your day:

Photo screenshot  /YouTube


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