Viral Video of a Mini Pig Who Loves Oatmeal Will Melt Your Heart


I have mentioned it briefly before, but I have a bit of a love-on for mini pigs. They are just far too cute for words with their curly tails, their intelligence, the snort they make. Ahh, swoon.

There is one particular pig who has been gaining some fame over the past few weeks from an adorable video uploaded to YouTube. Though it was up on the site over a year ago, it’s finally caught on as the most adorable video ever (yes, my opinion).

Hamlet is a mini pig who appears to be quite afraid of climbing down the stairs. Makes sense when you look at how tiny he is. The thing is, he also happens to really love oatmeal and in this video his owners try to coerce him to face his fears by offering an oatmeal-reward if he makes it to the bottom.

Click through to watch the cutest video of Hamlet the Mini Pig who loves oatmeal:

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Photo credit: still shot modified from YouTube


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