Waking Dog Up From a Nap Seems Just as Hard as Waking Kids [Video]


waking dog upMy kids only have a few days left of school for the year and I’ve noticed lately just how much harder it seems to get them out of bed for the day. I understand the feeling because the hardest part of my day seems to be waking up and this dog understands the feeling all too well.

I’ve known that there have been many similarities between dogs and kids and this video I found today shows another similarity. Waking a dog up from a nap seems to be just as long and difficult as trying to wake a child up for the day.

In this funny video uploaded by YouTube user DSLetmein2012, we see just how hard it is to wake a dog up from a sweet and comfortable nap and I can’t help but realize, that’s what I deal with waking my kids up each day.

Photo credit: screenshot DSLetmein2012 /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License

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