Walkies! Kitty Walks Dog Home--On a Leash!


Walkies! Kitty Walks Dog Home - On a Leash! (Video, via Babble)

This is a video of a cat walking a dog home, on a leash. What, your cat doesn’t do that? Apparently your cat sucks. Don’t worry, my cats suck too.

We don’t have a dog, but it’s pretty clear that neither of my cats would be able to do this, considering they can only walk about ten feet without wanting to lie down again. Also, the last time one of my cats accidentally got outside, he saw a squirrel, turned tail, and ran back inside.

Anyway, this video is a lot like Homeward Bound, except without the voice talents of Sally Field and Michael J. Fox. Note to Hollywood and/or anyone with a laptop: this video is begging for voice-over. Is the cat being helpful? Or luring the dog into a trap? So many possibilities.


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