Watch Out! This Cat May Use The Force (& He Attacks a Dog)


Now, I kind of feel bad for the dog here even though I am totally on ‘team cat’. How was he supposed to anticipate that this cat, for one — had a lightsaber and really knew how to use it — and that he actually had 2 lightsabers and kicked his butt. Really, the poor dog never really knew what hit him and thankfully he survived in tact… for now.

I have a thing for any video that shows a cat taking on a dog more then three times his size. I love it even more when people add in creativity and give the already-funny video, even more funny. I dare you not to smile at this and you can now scratch this off your ‘stuff I never thought I would see’ list.

Click through to watch the butt-kicking video of cat vs dog … with two lightsabers:

:: Do you think this was a fair fight? ::

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Photo credit: screenshot from vostren on YouTube

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