Watch This Crafty Pup Get His Way With A Puppy Gate (Video)

Watch This Crafty Pup Get His Way With A Puppy Gate (Video) via Babble
Think this looks good enough to keep a puppy in the kitchen? Think again…

I’ve only had one small dog in my life; all the others were big German Shepherds, Rottweilers of Labrador mixes. When they were puppies, it was difficult keeping them behind their puppy gates, mainly because they got large fast and would knock down any apparatus I put up.

Once they were trained, it wasn’t an issue. In fact, with our last puppy, we didn’t use a gate and just crate trained. Django was trained within weeks and then given more freedom incredibly fast. (Then we just had to watch her to keep her from chomping on our shoes and other belongings.)

When we used gates to confine a puppy to one room, we usually would place something very heavy on the other side of the gate to keep them in, which is exactly what this owner attempted to do. But his pup was a crafty little dog.

Watch what this adorable pup did when his owner gated him up and left him home alone:


Image: YouTube


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