Week-Old Rhino Plays In The Mud [Video]


Week-Old Rhino Playing in MudMeet Anna. She’s a 155 pound week-old rhino (more specifically, a Southern White Rhinoceros) who lives in West Palm Beach at the at Lion Country Safari. White Rhinos are endangered, which makes her extra special!

She was born on April 6, 2013 and according to her YouTube write up, she was named after rhino conservationist Anna Merz, who passed away just two days prior on April 4th.

In a cute clip posted to YouTube, we can see Anna wallowing in the mud. They do this to cool down from the hot sun and to get rid of parasites that may be on their body. While it seem they have legitimate reasons to roll in the mud, it just looks like fun to me.

Check out this adorable, yet still quite large, week-old rhino learn how to wallow in the mud next to her  mom.

Photo credit: adapted screenshot LionCountrySafari1 /YouTube
Source:  eNCA

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