West Hollywood Becomes First U.S. City To Ban The Sale Of Fur


West Hollywood Becomes First U.S. City To Ban The Sale Of FurLet’s score one point for animals. The California city of West Hollywood has become the first city in the country to ban the sale of fur. The ban is limited to fur that is worn as apparel, such as shoes, clothing, and hats. Retailers caught selling fur may be subject to a misdemeanor offense.

The city, which is home to many high-end retailers, is putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak. As you might expect, retailers are not pleased with this new law, which took effect on Saturday. They claim that most of their sales come from expensive fur sales, so they will definitely see a profit loss under this ban, explains Darrel Adams of the boutique Kin on Sunset Boulevard:

“The furs are sometimes the most expensive pieces in the collection, so it affects sales dramatically, especially if you sell it at a larger percentage. To cut off someone’s big-ticket item makes it hard for a business to survive.”

However, the city feels that animals and humane treatment of them are more important:

“West Hollywood is a very progressive community that puts a lot of emphasis on social justice and welfare,” Councilman Jeffrey Prang said. “People care about the humane treatment of animals.”

The city says they realize their law is largely symbolic since buyers can go to neighboring Beverly Hills and Los Angeles to purchase fur, but they are proud of the fact that their city has become a “cruelty-free zone for animals and is famous for animal-friendly laws.” In the past, they have also implemented laws that include bans on “declawing cats, retail sales of cats and dogs and exotic- and wild-animal performances.”

Kudos to West Hollywood!

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