What I Thought I Wanted, Wasn't What I Needed When It Came to Getting a Cat


arielLife around here has changed quite a lot over the past few months. As my two older cat’s aged, I worried about living life without them. May seem strange to non-cat lovers, but Puff and Ming-Ming had been in my life since I was 15-years old — half my life.

Since they’ve passed, it’s has been an adjustment — there are times I expect to see Puff or hear Ming-Ming and catch myself remembering that they’re not here anymore.

I am thankful that we adopted Ariel when we did. When we were discussing getting another cat, most of me wanted to get one that reminded me of my two aging cats. I wanted medium-length, black furred male cats. I wanted a cat that had bright, almost neon green eyes and would feel familiar.

Fate had different ideas as my eyes met Ariel at the shelter and knew she was to come home with me. She’s obviously a female and has white, short fur. Pretty near the exact opposite of what I think I needed.

It’s been fun to get to know her over the past few months. She is much younger than I ever remember having cats and her personality — I’ve never known a more affectionate cat. Another amazing, fun thing about her is she loves to play! My older cats have been old forever and lost interest in fun cat things long ago. Ariel is still full of energy and loves to attack, play and stalk and it’s brought so much entertainment and laughter into our lives.

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness

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