Wheelchair Bound Chihuahua is a Huge Bundle of Joy (Video)


Wheelchair Bound Chihuahua is a Huge Bundle of Joy (Video)When I turn on my computer, oftentimes I am met with news from around the world or close to home that’s depressing, sad, upsetting or angering.

It’s not often that I find stories that are just sweet for the sake of being sweet, but I found a video that just made me smile.

Meet BeeBee! She’s a Chihuahua who was born with no shoulder blades and according to this profile video on YouTube, “BeeBee can’t put any weight on her front legs or straighten them. Yet, BeeBee refuses to let her handicap stop her from living life to the fullest.”

If you need a smile today, check out this short but totally sweet video of this dog who is so full of joy it brightens your day!

Photo credit: adapted from screenshot HooplaHaChannel/YouTube

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