Wrestling Cat Practices his Moves on Boy


Wrestling Cat Practices Moves on BoyI was looking for some interesting animal videos to share with you.  The first one I found was a mongoose killing a cobra.  It was a National Geographic one and had lots of good information if you were writing a report on mongooses (it’s a word, I looked it up) or cobras.  But, it also showed the mongoose actually attacking the snake and was a little yucky.  So, I decided to keep looking for something a little more fun and light.

Hello wrestling cat.  This cat attacks his little boy, who is minding his own business.  Rather than be upset or scared, the little boy finds the whole thing wildly amusing.  Mom video tapes the whole thing and laughs right along.

So, watch if you want a good laugh and do not want to see any scary cobras.


Featured Image – YouTube

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