Yellow Lab Puppy Trying Desperately To NOT Fall Asleep (VIDEO)

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"Oh, the eyes crossing, the head roll, sleep, here I come"

Mornings can be tough for a lot of us, and our pets are no exception. Today, as many of us are coming back from spring break vacations (which make the dreaded Monday mornings even more difficult), we bring you an instant dose of cuteness.

Those of us with children will immediately recognize that this pup is pretty similar to kids: they don’t want to sleep because they’re afraid they might miss something, even when they literally can’t keep their eyes open!

This little yellow lab pup just cannot stay awake. Watch him here as he tries his best to stave off sleep.

So if you need a Monday morning pick-me-up, check out the video below. In just 5 days, it already has nearly a million hits- yes, it’s just that cute!

Happy Monday!


Image: YouTube

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