10 Gifts Pregnant Women Might Actually Like


I spend a lot of time listening to the issues and concerns of pregnant women. As a result, I often think about what *they want*. Over the years I’ve come up with a pretty solid wish list that can easily be re-purposed for the holidays.

Of course some things can’t be stuffed in a stocking– orgasmic births and uninterrupted sleep, for example. But there are a few things that can; and they may bring you a bounty of gratitude.

Here are some ideas:


1. A body pillow for the third trimester

2. A prenatal massage

3. A robe, pajamas, and/or slippers for post-birth convalescing

4. A good all-encompassing baby book, like this, this or this.

5. Soothing pregnancy and postpartum products like these.

6. A pre- or postnatal yoga class series

7. One of my top five favorite birth books.

8. A novel to read during those long days leading up to labor; this one got my labor going

9. An awesome Boob™ shirt

10. A digital camera or video camera to record your first years as a family

photo: JOE MARINARO/flickr