10 Hilarious Maternity T-Shirts


I have had a hard time finding clothes that I like for this pregnancy. I can get jeans ok but tops have been a problem. I don’t like what’s in the stores very well. There’s just so much ruching and sequins and weird stuff like that.What happened to basics, clothing designers?

While hunting down clothes that I actually like. I stumbled across some truly hilarious t-shirts for expecting mothers. These shirts are perfect for the inner wiseass in all of us, that snarky voice we silence in favor of politely answering “When are you due?” for the 7,000th time.  I raise a glass (of seltzer) to any brave enough to wear some of these!

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    Wait, what?
    Available at CafePress.com
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    I hope that answers all your questions.
    Available at CafePress.com
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    Let this be a warning to you.
    Available at CafePress.com
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    This is both awesome and a little creepy.
    Available at CafePress.com
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    Just in case you felt like complaining to me.
    Available at CafePress.com
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    The only thing better than this would be a Pregnant Hulk t-shirt that says "Pregnant Hulk SMASH!"
    Available at CafePress.com
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    Available at ThinkGeek.com
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    My name is Tony Montana!
    Available at CafePress.com
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    Best smartass response to "Do you want a boy or a girl?" EVAH!
    Available at CafePress.com
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    It's true. I do.
    Available at CafePress.com

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