10 Must-Have Items For Your Star Wars Theme Baby Shower


I haven’t been to a lot of baby showers, surprisingly — only a handful for friends plus my own one over 7 years ago. I am not usually a fan of the typical party decor when it comes to baby showers. There is only so much baby blue and pink and storks and baby bottles you can deal with for a party theme.

With websites like Pinterest and Etsy, I’ve come to see the amazing creativity some people have when planning their baby showers. They have creative and fun themes that go far beyond the typical “baby” stuff and are more centered around what makes Mom as awesome as she is.

If you’re a big Star Wars fan — I know there are a lot of you out there — have you thought about having a Star Wars themed baby shower? There is so much fun decorations, food and party fun that can be had with this theme, and it’s far more memorable than any standard shower.

  • Star Wars Baby Shower 1 of 11
    Star Wars Baby Shower
    Celebrate the upcoming birth of your child in a way that celebrate you too. If you love Star Wars, these products are perfect for your Star Wars themed shower!
  • All You Need Printables 2 of 11
    All You Need Printables
    Everything you need to decorate your baby shower from invitations to menu cards.
    You want one too? Purchase from HelloMySweet/Etsy, $25
  • Jazz Up Your Water 3 of 11
    Jazz Up Your Water
    Don't leave any detail unfinished, including your water bottles.
    You want one too? Purchase from LilyPadInvitations/Etsy, $7
  • R2D2 Party Favor Cups 4 of 11
    R2D2 Party Favor Cups
    You can fill them with party favors for your guests or use them for the menu, these are perfect for the theme.
    You want one too? Purchase from Sugar And Spice Creations/Etsy, $40
  • Star Wars Onesie 5 of 11
    Star Wars Onesie
    Bringing a gift for the baby is pretty standard for baby showers and this one fits the bill.
    You want one too? Purchase from StellasShoppe/Etsy, $13
  • Words of Wisdom 6 of 11
    Words of Wisdom
    Every new mom-to-be has questions and these wisdom cards are a perfect activity for your baby shower.
    You want one too? Purchase from Bee Busy Designs and Supplies/Etsy, $4
  • R2D2 Party Favor Soap 7 of 11
    R2D2 Party Favor Soap
    Who doesn't want or need an R2D2 shaped soap? These are perfect party favor gifts for your guests, and great for decor.
    You want one too? Purchase from SkyRainSoap/Etsy, $5
  • Shirt For Mom-to-be 8 of 11
    Shirt For Mom-to-be
    So, what does the mom-to-be wear at the Star Wars themed baby shower? This!
    You want one too? Purchase from geeklingdesigns/Etsy, $32
  • Star Wars Cake Pop 9 of 11
    Star Wars Cake Pop
    Treat your guests to these adorable and theme-worthy cake pops.
    You want one too? Purchase from Faye's Cake Pops/Etsy, $30
  • Star Wars Cake 10 of 11
    Star Wars Cake
    If you're more the full-on cake type, this Star Wars cake would be the perfect center piece for your shower.
    You want one too? Purchase from Tutu Cute Cakes/Etsy, $65
  • Star Wars Diaper Cake 11 of 11
    Star Wars Diaper Cake
    Diaper cakes are a must-have shower gift and this one is perfect for the Star Wars Theme!
    You want one too? Purchase from RessellCustomBaby/Etsy, $89

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