10 Sweet Pregnancy Congratulation E-Cards


I am a big fan of celebrating pregnancy — whether you’re in your 4th week or your 40th week, it’s fun to get excited. I get excited when friends announce that their family is expanding (I am still waiting to become an aunt!).

It’s rare to get snail-mail these days — most all things are done on the computer and while sometimes I miss real fun mail, e-cards do make things easier and quicker when you want to celebrate.

I came across some cute congrats on your pregnancy e-cards that would be fun to send to your family and friends — to show that you are happy and excited for them. We can all use a little more congrats in our lives!

Click through for 10 sweet congratulation e-cards to send to your expecting family & friends:

  • Baby Day 1 of 10
    Baby Day
    A cute e-card congratulating on the awesome changes to come.
    Love it? Send it from: 123greetings
  • Time to Relax 2 of 10
    Time to Relax
    Ah, like we need to know, but a cute card to send to a friend.
    Love it? Send it from: 123greetings
  • Congrats 3 of 10
    Let your friend/family member know you're excited.
    Love it? Send it from: 123greetings
  • Lil Miracle 4 of 10
    Lil Miracle
    All babies are miracles :)
    Love it? Send it from: 123greetings
  • Looks Great on You 5 of 10
    Looks Great on You
    Compliments go a long way.
    Love it? Send it from: egreetings
  • Best Advice 6 of 10
    Best Advice
    Love it? Send it from: egreetings
  • Why It’s Awesome 7 of 10
    Why It's Awesome
    A fun look at what awesome things happen during pregnancy.
    Love it? Send it from: Blue Mountain
  • So Happy 8 of 10
    So Happy
    Share in the excitement.
    Love it? Send it from: 123greetings
  • Humorous 9 of 10
    We don't often like to think about it, but this card puts it out there.
    Love it? Send it from: Hallmark
  • Expecting 10 of 10
    A cute card for your expecting friend or to send as a baby shower invite.
    Love it? Send it from: Hallmark

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