10 Things I AM Going To Miss About Being Pregnant

alyson 40 weeks pregnant
Here I am - 40 weeks pregnant and ready for the baby to arrive!

Today I’m officially 40 weeks pregnant.  My baby is due today.  And as much as I’ve tried to ignore my due date, there’s no question what’s on my mind.  Last month I wrote about what I wasn’t going to miss about being pregnant, yet despite how tired I am of feeling huge, waddling when I walk and bearing with aching hips, I can’t help but reflect on the things that I will actually miss once I’m not pregnant anymore.

Here’s my list of 10 things that I’m going to miss about being pregnant.

Not having my period. I don’t think it was until the third month of being pregnant that it really hit me.  I wasn’t going to have my period for 9 whole months!  I think I even did a silent dance in the bathroom.  This is definitely one of the things I’ll miss most about being pregnant.

My pregnant body. I’ve LOVED having a baby bump – absolutely loved it.  I’ve worn tight dresses, snug tops and flaunted it every moment possible.  I’ve pretty much forgotten what it’s like to “suck in” and just for these short 9 months I haven’t thought once about looking too fat in my clothes.

The back rubs, foot rubs, shoulder rubs, leg rubs… Not to say that I never got a good massage when I wasn’t pregnant, but my husband is definitely a lot more willing to rub my aching back when he knows I’m obviously in a little pain.

Not having to clean the little box. Does this one even need explaining?

The attention. I know, I know.  I said this was one of the things that I wasn’t going to miss, but in all honesty I do love the attention just a bit.  People always smile at me when they notice the belly.  Strangers ask when the baby is due.  People want to know anything and everything about my baby anticipation.  And sometimes it’s nice when all I want to talk about is the baby!

The kindness of others. It’s amazing how suddenly you become pregnant and everyone starts doing things for you.  Carrying groceries up the stairs, giving up their seat on the train so you can sit down, stopping in the middle of the road so you can cross at a crosswalk… I love it!

The amazing hair. My hair has never felt so good before.  It feels strong, looks super shiny and feels fuller than ever.  Ah… Thank you pregnancy hormones!!

An excuse to wear yoga pants and leggings whenever I please. Not to say I wasn’t wearing yoga pants and leggings before I got pregnant, I just feel a lot better walking up to the corner market in sweats while sporting a cute belly.  Plus, I’m definitely dreading the first time I try to squeeze into pre-pregnancy skinny jeans again.

Ice cream. I’ve got a major sweet tooth, pregnant or not, and I’ve been known to over indulge a wee bit from time to time.  My husband and I have developed a little sunny day ritual of walking to the ice cream shop to grab a small delicious cone.  And even though I know too much sugar is not good for me or the baby I figure, at least I’m walking it off right?

Feeling my little man wiggle inside me. Even though I’d much rather see my little boy wiggling outside my womb, I will miss feeling his little movements.  I love that I could be anywhere and feel him wiggling and know that it was a special moment just him and I shared.

What about you?  What will/did you miss most about being pregnant?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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