10 Things I am Looking Forward to After Pregnancy

Minus the minor yet annoying aches and pains of pregnancy, there are a lot of things I miss about my non pregnant self, and of course lifestyle.  Certainly not enough to rush my daughter out before she is ready, but enough to stop and day dream about as she tries to make a break for it… out of the escape hatch she thinks exists in my rib cage.

Being as we were certainly taken off guard and surprised by this pregnancy, I wasn’t ready to give up some of my favorite things, and of course the girlish figure I had been working really hard on getting back since I clung onto a good 20 pounds from my second pregnancy. I had joined the gym, started zumba, all that fun stuff… then BAM!   Little Miss A had total different plans for us.

I must remember this August not to drink the water at BlogHer 2011, because I swear it was all the babies, pregnant women, and of course my friend Gina finding out she was pregnant AT the conference, AT a Babble party. Ha!

So what am I looking forward to most?

1) Breastfeeding again!  –  Talk about a great weight loss solution, well at least for me! I know it isn’t a magical weight loss tip for some, but with my oldest, I lost all of my pregnancy weight, which was a good 30 pounds by breastfeeding for nine months. It was awesome. Not only that but the bond, and closeness, as well as knowing it was super healthy were all just icing on the cake.

2) Seeing my feet again – No seriously… between not being able to see my feet, legs, or lady parts for my grooming routine… it has certainly become annoying. Having to ask my husband for help, like I am some kind of toddler again who can’t wipe their own ass is not my cup of tea!

3) W-I-N-E!  – Yes, I am a self proclaimed wino.  No, I am not an alcoholic, but I do enjoy a glass of wine after a long day, or week. Isn’t that just an adult thing?  I have had a beautiful bottle of moscato that I bought from The Wine Sisterhood sitting on my counter since Christmas when I put in an order, and I just cannot bring myself to have even just a glass while I am with child.  Once Little Miss A is here, you can bet I will be enjoying some wine, with the assistance of the milk screen strips from UpSpring Baby!

4) Zumba – Can’t really get my zumba on feeling like I am in need of a hip replacement, and if I move too fast I may just tip right over and fall flat on my face.

5) Sexy Underwear – While some women feel sexy during pregnancy, or even more sexy than when they aren’t pregnant… I am not one of those women at all!   Even thinking about putting on anything other than underwear I could possibly share with my Grandmother does not cross my mind!

6) Never going through this again?  – I love pregnancy, but the end result and process to get my babies into the world SUCKS!  One of the other bloggers here on Being Pregnant suggested her recovery in the hospital after her c-section is going to be like a vacation, for me?  Torture!  Any kind of surgery, especially with the lovely stomach muscles is not fun for me.  Third time is a charm maybe?  I can only pray my recovery won’t be as long and annoying as it has been the other two times I have gone through it!

7) Manicures, Pedicures, and Hair Dye! – Getting back to being me!  I stay away from chemicals that may be considered safe during pregnancy, but don’t really sit well with me, including hair dye.  Momma needs a fresh new post baby makeover!

8) My old clothes!  –   I cannot tell you how much I want to be able to put on a regular t-shirt or pair of jeans and actually fit into them!  Not only that but just to feel like myself again instead of two separate people!

9) BACK OFF the BELLY! – Man, I will be happy when strangers stop rubbing my belly… Seriously!  It is not community property!  If I know you, and we are friends, or if you ask that is ONE thing, but walking up to me in the grocery store and placing your grubby hands on me doesn’t fly!   I don’t want mad cow disease, or whatever you are carrying!  Leave me alone!

10) Sleeping on my Stomach! – The only way I can really get a good night sleep!  I cannot sleep any other way, the past 10ish weeks have been hell because I just cannot find a way to get comfortable before passing out from being overly exhausted.  Granted I have gotten sleep, but not until my body decides to just start shutting down on me. Oh the joys of building a human!

Man… May 3rd isn’t going to come soon enough for all this fun stuff!

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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