10 Things Pregnancy & Baby That Should Not Matter To Anyone But You

Things Pregnancy & Baby That Should Not Matter To Anyone But You!
Breastfeeding, Diapering, Co-Sleeping, Vaccinating, Circumcising - These Things Shouldn't Matter To Anyone But YOU!

With four pregnancies comes wisdom. There are so many decisions to make when bringing a child into this world, the last thing you should worry about is what other people think.

I admit, with my first pregnancy and baby, I became a victim or the mommy community’s opinions. I felt guilty when I didn’t follow what others in my circle were doing. I let the discomfort of conversations interject with what I wanted for my baby. But the good news is, by the third kid, I didn’t care what people thought. With that, I plan on again ignoring what others say with this fourth child as well. This is my kid, gosh darnet. I’ll raise him or her how I want.

What are these opinions? Well they are things that may work for others, but you shouldn’t adhere to unless they work for you.Unfortunately in the online and offline mommy community opinions rage when these subjects come up. Just remember this…

Rule #1 at managing new mom stress, what’s best for you is what’s best for your child.

Here are 10 Things Pregnancy & Baby That Should Not Matter to Anyone But You

1. Breastfeeding or Formula Feed

Breastfeeding or formula feeding, that's up to YOU!
Breastfeeding or formula feeding, that's up to YOU!

Those boobs are yours. If you can or can’t breastfeed that’s your thing. If you don’t want to breastfeed, don’t do it – and don’t feel guilty!  Breast maybe best for some. Remember, millions of babies have been formula fed and lived to survive it.

2. Cloth Diapering

While I have heard rave reviews on cloth diapering, it’s just not going to happen in this household. We can barely keep enough clothes clean for the day to day. I’m not willing to spend money on diaper service. If it works for you great. If not, great.

3. OB-GYN or Mid-Wife

Both ob-gyns and mid-wives have their pluses and minuses. Choose which works best for you.

4. Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

As long as the baby is born and arrives safely, you can deliver in your car if that’s what you want. Though I’d hate to be the person to detail that thing.

5. Circumcise vs. No Circumcision

Your baby boy’s penis is your prerogative.

6. Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate

vaccinating your child

This is a hot one. Whether you vaccinate or not, someone will have an opinion.

7. Epidural or No Epidural

Everyone’s experience with an epidural is different. I so wanted an epidural, but I had an epidural gone bad – but again, that’s ME! Do what you want.

8. Quirky Baby Name or Normal Baby Name

There isn’t a name that everyone is going to like. This is your kid, you name it what you want. (You can even name your baby Like, if you want.)

9. Bassinet or Co-Sleeping

There are pro’s and con’s to each.  Try each out and don’t feel guilty if that little thing ends up sleeping in your bed the first 3 months!

10. To Be a Working Mom or a Stay at Home Mom

This was a hard one for me. I saw my friends at home with their children and wanted the same. The cards just didn’t deal right when I stayed home with my first. Returning to work is hard, but finding a good family work life balance will help. Don’t feel guilty if you are a working mom. And props if you stay at home with the kids.

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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