10 Ways This Pregnancy Has Been Different From My Previous Ones

When I got pregnant, I thought I knew what to expect. It’s not my first time around and when my three older kids’ pregnancies all turned out to be pretty similar, I expected that was how my body was when pregnant.

I have always had trouble with nausea and vomiting. With my first two children, it went away around 16 weeks, but my third child the nausea lasted until the day after delivery. I expected it again this time, but not sure to which degree.

I have always had food cravings and aversions. While they have been slightly different in all my pregnancies, they remained pretty consistent throughout and never really caused too many issues as far as finding food to eat.

I have a son and two daughters and the way my body carried each of their pregnancies was similar also. I am short so my belly protrudes big and quickly so I expected that this time around. My uterus tends to show fast and larger than gestational age and I was anticipating being in maternity clothes by 11 weeks pregnant.

This pregnancy, all those things I thought I knew what to expect have kind of been thrown out the window. I have heard that each pregnancy is different, even with the same woman, but I was still caught off-guard.

Check out these 10 ways this pregnancy has been different than my previous ones:

  • 10 Ways This Pregnancy Has Been Different Than My Previous Ones 1 of 11

    I wasn't expecting my pregnancy to be so different this time, but it is.

  • My Kidney Issues Started Sooner 2 of 11

    When I was pregnant for the first time, the crushing rib pain and fire-belly I was feeling I thought was "normal pregnancy pains" until I passed a kidney stone, and then another one, and another one. It's become normal for me in pregnancy and I've had them throughout.

    This time, they started earlier at 10 weeks and have been more painful and causing more issues than in the past. This is the first stone I've passed so far and I know there are more.

  • Others to Join In 3 of 11

    My older kids are all pretty close in age. 14 month gap between the first two and the middle and third child have almost exactly 2 years apart. In my past pregnancies, they were so young that they didn't understand or notice what was going on.

    This time, my kids are all so thrilled. They call baby by the name we've given him/her (we know gender and will share soon) and look forward to meeting baby when s/he's born. I have so much anxiety from past losses that I am now having to balance their excitement with my worries.

  • Less Time in Hospital 4 of 11

    In my past pregnancies, I had to spend a lot of time in the hospital for kidney stones (that cause pre-term labor) and hydration issues. It was something we expected this time around too.

    In this pregnancy, because of a great doctor, I am able to get treatment for kidney stones at home that include monitoring and pain management to decrease risk of preterm contractions. It's great because I am able to work and care for my kids.

  • I Don’t Look Pregnant 5 of 11

    In my past pregnancies, like I've said I needed to get into maternity clothes around 11 weeks because I show pretty early.

    This time around I am still in non-maternity pants -- my jeans zip fine and that's never happened before. I am in maternity shirts, but that's more for my breasts than for the bump.

  • I Have No Appetite 6 of 11

    I usually have a large appetite during pregnancy. I was not unusual to find me in the kitchen making a meal for myself at 1 in the morning.

    This time around, I have to set a timer to remind myself to eat something and usually stick to something small because I have no appetite.

  • Maternity Clothes, What? 7 of 11

    In previous pregnancies I had people ask me how far along I was at like 12 weeks pregnant figuring I was half-way done. I was prepared for that again.

    This time, I am 20 weeks and look just kind of bloated. .

  • No Energy 8 of 11

    I have experience the no energy thing before, but that in my other pregnancies had gone away by the end of the first trimester. I experienced the second-trimester energy boost and it was great.

    I was hoping for it this time, waiting for it and yet it still hasn't come. My energy is zapped and well, that means stacked dishes.

  • Picky Eater 9 of 11

    I always had aversions during my other pregnancies, but they were pretty narrow and usually just involved chicken of any sort.

    This time, it's all meat. I can't stand to be near it, eating it, thinking about it, and so I'm pretty much having a vegetarian pregnancy.

  • I Have Doctor Anxiety 10 of 11

    I have always had issues in pregnancies and had to see a variety of doctors. I was just a part of pregnancy for me and it never really bothered me.

    This time, I have anxiety about going to the doctor. I will avoid it at all costs and upcoming tests and ultrasounds makes me anxious for days.

  • My Hips Hurt 11 of 11

    I had heard people mention how sore their hips got in pregnancy when I was pregnant, but didn't really understand.

    This time, I get it! My hips and my butt and my legs are so sore. I'm guessing the baby is laying low and pressing in nerves or my pelvic and hip joints are a little too lax. Either way, OUCH!

:: Have any of your pregnancies been different? Share in the comments! ::

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