11 Weeks and Counting!


Last time I checked in, I was 8 weeks along, and still pretty early in terms of Being Pregnant. Now I am 11 weeks and going strong.  Now my little one has upgraded in terms of fruit size too!  We went from a Raspberry, to a fig! Pretty exciting huh?  Although it seems like I already have a watermelon in there!

My appetite is really starting to come back, but my emotions continue to be all over the place. Talk about an emotional wreck, and I am still sleeping more than my cats do, when my children allow me.

My husband and I have also turned a corner in deciding my care, and what type of a birth we are going to be exploring come May. It is something we are going to keep to ourselves, at least for the time being though. It has been difficult making such a large decision on such a public internet forum, and the criticism has been something we never thought we would have to deal with. As some time goes on, and the hysteria dies down, I will talk about it more in detail.

Some of the fun stuff now!

Cravings : The last couple weeks include Cheetos, Grilled Cheese’s, BBQ Ribs, Cherry Limeaid, Key Lime Soda, Rice Cakes, Greek Salad, and Coffee which I loath.

It certainly has been a fun couple weeks, but the next few should bring far more entertainment!  I can’t wait to be out of the first trimester!