12 Traits I Hope Our Kids Get From My Wife

12 Traits I Hope Our Kids Get From My Spouse

The Nature V. Nurture debate isn’t a new one, but it’s a topic I’ve found more interesting lately. Now that I’m expecting twins with my wife whose biology won’t be a part of these children I find myself hoping that certain characteristics of hers will mesh into the fabric of our little ones simply through exposure and learning by example.

Sara, my wife, has so much to bring to the lives of others. And I pray that our twins can pick up the traits of their “other mother” that I most admire.

After the jump, check out 12 Traits I Hope Our Kids Get From My Wife, and tell me what traits you value most in your spouse!

  • Sense of Humor 1 of 12
    Sense of Humor
    I can sometimes be too serious, and I'm certainly not an "easy laugh." But my wife has one of the funniest senses of humor ever. She makes other people laugh easily, and she has no problem laughing at herself.
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  • Friendly 2 of 12
    While her "resting face" often gets her confused by others as a "badass," Sara is the friendliest person in my life. She strikes up conversations with people anywhere we go with fellow dog owners at the dog parks, or strangers in a restaurant. She is approachable and considerate in her conversations.
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  • Adventurous 3 of 12
    One thing's for sure: When you're with Sara, you're never bored! She's always off on some adventure, and our nieces and nephews simply adore her for this. In fact, if there isn't an obvious adventure to be had, she'll make one up, just like that.
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  • Faithful 4 of 12
    This photo was taken the day we eloped, and a day hasn't gone by that Sara doesn't look at me like this. Sure, there are some other looks mixed in there, but you get my point. Whether it's with me or with her friends, Sara remains faithful and committed through it all. Our kids will be blessed to be on the receiving end of this.
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  • Sensitive 5 of 12
    Sara's huge heart means there's lots of room for compassion. Aside from her sometimes-tough appearance, she is actually quite sensitive and easily touched by the ills and injustices in the world (and in her own life). While I have the ability to say, "Whatever" and shrug off other people's problems, Sara takes it all to heart. I'd love if our children were as caring as she is.
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  • Benevolence 6 of 12
    Numerous people have told me that my wife is "just a good person." And it's true. She always looks for the best in people, and she's often the one to bring out the best in people. She's there when you need her, at the drop of a dime.
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  • Playfulness 7 of 12
    Okay, this is definitely one of my favorite traits of hers. Couple this with her sense of humor and her adventurousness, and you've got a perfect recipe for Funnest Mom Ever! Yes, I know funnest isn't a word, but you just can't call Sara the most fun mom. It just doesn't have the same ring to it.
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  • Strength 8 of 12
    This is the Sara most people know: the competitive CrossFitter and coach. She is most certainly physically strong that's a 70 pound dumbbell she lifted with one hand, multiple times, during a competition that involved a lot of other movements and I hope our kids learn from her strength that women don't have to be weak. But that's not the only strength Sara possesses. She also has incredible strength of character. She knows just who she is, and while it took her years to fully accept that, her determination to be true to herself is unwavering.
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  • Self Control 9 of 12
    Self Control
    When Sara trains, she eats a strict Paleo diet, which cuts out all sweets, among other things. She can go, and has gone, months without a chocolate chip cookie or pint of beer. Like. It's. Nothing. She sets her mind to whatever her goal is (like training the best she can), and she has the willpower not to let anything get in her way.
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  • Loving 10 of 12
    Sara loves our dog and all dogs nature, kids, our friends and family (even the difficult ones), in a way that is so rare. Truly. Sara loves truly. And she's really great at it.
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  • Endurance 11 of 12
    Sara has been through a lot in her 35 years. She overcame many challenges and hardships, heartbreak and great loss, and still she goes on with her positive outlook and love for life and others. She's been around the block, so to say, and through the ringer more times than one person should have to, but she hasn't let it get her down. Quite the contrary. Sara has grown from adversity and gained strength from her hard knocks. I pray our children have her will.
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  • Humble 12 of 12
    Sara likely doesn't even know these things about herself that I've written today. Sure, I try to tell her at times, but she's got more important things to do than listen to praise. I'm sure she'll blush upon reading this, likely responding with a very simple, "I'm not that special." But she is. She'll be the first to divert a conversation about her own greatness to highlight something wonderful about someone else. That's just the kind of person she is.
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