15 Unusual (but Cool) Names for Boys

I’ve always been a fan of names that aren’t heard very often. We named our oldest daughter, Harlan, after my mother-in-law (it was her maiden name), and since then I’ve had a little bit of an obsession with giving my children names that are more unique.

I will only give my children family names, which makes my situation a little bit more difficult but still fun. With my little guy making his arrival in less than two months, we have his name picked out because he will be the fifth in his namesake. What we don’t have is a nickname picked out for him. I want it to be something unique but still on track with his name, Robert MacKay.

Nameberry recently released its Best 100 Cool Unusual Boys Names, and I used that as inspiration to think outside the box for boys’ names of my own. I’m sharing some of my favorites from the list as well as some of my favorite unusual yet cool names that I’ve loved throughout the years, including possible nicknames for my little guy.

  • Benson 1 of 15

    This is such a great name with a more "normal" nickname you can use if you would like to. By simply using the nickname "Ben," it helps it become more common. 

  • Cash 2 of 15

    My sister is a huge fan of Johnny Cash, and has had this name on her short list for her children since I can remember. It's really starting to grow on me, and I would love to have  nephew with the name. I know that most people who use the name replace the "C"  with a "K," but I love it spelled with as it usually is. 

  • Ezra 3 of 15

    I had a student that I used to teach with the name of Ezra, and I've loved it since I heard it for the first time. It's  a Hebrew name with the meaning of "helper." Such a beautiful name with a great meaning behind it.

  • Finch 4 of 15

    This was on Nameberry's list for Cool, Unusual Boy Names, and I really do love it. I've always liked the name Finn, but it's become so popular lately that this name adds a little spin on it, while you can still use the name Finn as a nickname if you would like. 

  • Harrington 5 of 15

    This is such a gorgeous name that can easily be used for both boys or girls. It was also mentioned on Nameberry's Top 100 Cool Unusual Boys Names. I have a friend that just gave this name to her little girl but with a different spelling. I love names that can be used for either sex. 

  • Lockwood 6 of 15

    There was a guy that I knew growing up that had the name Lockwood. It's stuck with me from the first time that I heard, and and I've always loved it. I've never heard the name since, but I have always really enjoyed it for a little guy.

  • Mackson 7 of 15

    My husband's middle name is MacKay, and that's the nickname that he goes by because he is the fourth in his namesake. We know that our little boy will be the fifth, but we don't have a nickname picked out for him just yet. Mackson made Nameberry's Top 100 Cool, Unusual Boys Names this year, and I definitely think it's a contender for a nickname for our son. 

  • Patton 8 of 15

    Patton is a variant of a more common name "Patrick." It's definitely more popular as a middle or last name, but I really do love it as a first name. Give him a more common middle name, and it will make for a great, strong, name. 

  • Quint 9 of 15

    Quint has been on my husband's short list of nicknames since we found out we were having a little boy. Since our son will be the fifth, it would be a logical nickname for him. I'm still on the fence about the name, but seeing it on Nameberry's Top 100 Cool Unusual Boys Names makes me feel a little bit better about it. What do you think of the name?

  • Tatum 10 of 15

    Another name that is more commonly heard as a last name, but I really do think that it makes a perfect first name. Tate has become so common lately that I think Tatum will make your guy stand out. 

  • Thatcher 11 of 15

    I've always loved this name for a boy. I think it sounds like a strong and masculine, unique name for a boy. 

  • Theron 12 of 15

    I worked with a guy whose name was Theron, and it's always been with me because I really love it. I am all for names that you don't hear very often, and I haven't heard this name since I've met him. Such a great name. 

  • Titus 13 of 15

    Titus is a Biblical name that I have always loved. It means "pleasing," and I don't think there could be a better meaning for a guy's name! 

  • Wentworth 14 of 15

    Wentworth Miller is a popular actor on the television show Prison Break. I've always really loved the name, and think it sounds so masculine. 

  • Wrennyn 15 of 15

    A fellow blogger friend of mine, Shaynah, of the blog Pirates and Peonies had her son this year and named him Wrennyn. I'd never heard of the name before, but I really do love it. Her son is the cutest guy ever, and the name suits him so well. 


Featured Image via Flickr User Emery Co Photo

Article Posted 2 years Ago
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